Down free Microsoft Visual Basic training manuals

Microsoft Visual basic training manuals

Free Microsoft Visual Basic manuals

Here are some lessons I have created over the years in Microsoft Visual Basic.

These lessons are made for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users of Microsoft Visual Basic. They have been developed extensively in school for students in years 11, 12, and 13, the final 3 years of high school. This is only a sample of lessons there are heaps more around some where. Ask me if you want some more.

In a teaching environment they would take about 30 hours of tuition with beginning students able to work through to the advanced lessons in about 40 to 60 hours.

These lessons are free lessons for home use.

If they are used in a school or industry please donate some money to provide for further resources. I would consider a $5 per copy to be very cheap donation! This will allow you to receive help and further resources for free as well.

Beginning to intermediate Microsoft Visual Basic lessons

Visual Basic beginning lessons (most lessons)

Area and Volume Program

Communist Elections

Creating a Pay Calculator


VB tick lesson

Welcome to my program

Working with the counter

Advanced Microsoft Visual basic lessons


VB Functions

Visual Basic Advanced lessons (most lessons)