Down free Microsoft Word training manuals

Microsoft Word training manuals

Free Microsoft Word manuals

Here are some lessons I have created over the years in Microsoft Word.

There is a main Microsoft Word manual which can be used alone, and some minor computer based lessons for beginners. As well some more advanced lesons using desktop publishing in Microsoft Word.

These lessons are free lessons for home use.

If they are used in a school or industry please donate some money to provide for further resources. I would consider a $5 per copy to be very cheap donation! This will allow you to receive help and further resources for free as well.


The main Microsoft Word training manual

Microsoft Word training manual   (Compressed .zip format)

Some basic Microsoft Word lessons

Cut copy paste exercise  (Word .doc format)

Format painter exercise   (Word .doc format)

Hanging Indents Exercise (Word .doc format)

Creating Multiple Columns Part 1 Exercise (Word .doc format)

Creating Multiple Columns Part  2 Exercise (Word .doc format)

Using Tabs  Exercise (Word .doc format)


More advanced Desktop Publishing in Microsoft Word.

Multiple DTP in Word lessons (Compressed .zip format)

Newspaper cartoons lessons (Compressed .zip format)

Nomad DTP lessons (Compressed .zip format)

Outback DTP Lessons (Compressed .zip format)