Recent public releases hint of America having antigravity technology.

Does America have antigravity?

Straight out of a science fiction book comes this article on the normally fact orientated CNN.

What ground-breaking new technology is kept so secret by the authorities that even to comment on its existence would be to reveal too much?


Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer says it is working on anti-gravity propulsion, which could revolutionize conventional aviation.

 "GRASP," or Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion, was only recently reported in Jane's Defence Weekly, but the U.S. military may have had the technology for years.

The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), based in Nevada, say that mysterious U.S. military craft using this kind of technology have been skirting the skies since the 1980s. Here

This concept has been raised before with this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, a paper not inclined to wowserism itself.

This item is going to sound like a bad reject from conspiracy publications like Nexus or New Dawn, or an X-Files fanzine. It isn't. The indisputable fact is that both the US and the UK are putting serious money into anti-gravity research with military aerospace applications.

I have numerous documents, all published openly in the United States, which purport to explain how the B-2 is even stranger - far, far stranger - than it appears.

Most are articles published in commercial magazines, some are openly published US Patents, while a few are open USAF publications by Wright Aeronautical Laboratory and Air Force Systems Command's Astronautics Laboratory.

They deal with such topics as electric-field propulsion, and electrogravitics (or anti-gravity), the transient alteration of not only thrust but also a body's weight. Sci-Fi has nothing on this stuff.

The only question is how far it is from operational status. There is informed speculation that it is already used in the American B2 bomber. Here

Some more on this interesting and possibly revolutionary topic Here.

What grabbed my attention was that the articles were from very esteemed organizations.

Boeing, is hardly going to make a joke out of this, Jane's is the premier Military website and organization. CNN and the Sydney Morning Herald are not prone to wowserism either.  Can this be the beginning of an information release?

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