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Music Videos

Lupe Fiasco Daydreamin music video

Manu Chao- king of the bongo bong - music video

My Cubical song - spoof of "You're Beautiful"

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin - 1966

Don't worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

Devo - Whip it - music video

Devo - Satisfaction - music video

The New! Top 20 guitar solo videos.

Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' top song for the last 20 years

Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran song

Classic Neil Young - After the Gold rush video

Classic Neil Young - Old Man video

Lupe Fiasco and Jill Scott - Daydreamin video

Don't worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

Louis Armstrong - A Rhapsody in Black and Blue

There's Klingons on the Starboard bow song

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin - 1966

The Cure - The forest One of their best

Funky cold Medina, great 80's rap

Eric Clapton plays Layla live version

Beck and band playing Clap Hands on dinner setting.

Amazing video of the best ukulele player I have ever seen.

Somewhere over the Rainbow song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, beautiful

William Shatner sings Common People by Pulp A great song with great lyrics.

Flashback #1: 1979 Boogie Wonderland- Earth Wind and Fire

Flashback #2 Lets Groove - Earth Wind and Fire

Flashback #3 1978 - September - Earth Wind and fire

Flashback #4: Dust in the wind - Kansas

Boxing kangaroo beats up owners during interview

Lightning strikes tree during storm video

The running sea Lilly

Amazing exploding storm drain

The Acorn Woodpecker - nature at its weirdest

National Geographic's best picture of the year - Camels at dusk

How to escape from handcuffs - for real

Cute duckling feeds the fish.

Phobics get cured of their phobias

Attack of the clones - Chinese military marching

The worst movie scenes ever video

Get out of the way! - emergency vehicles stuck in traffic

Norwegian recruits mess up clearing building - funny

Woman tries to park car

Magician Chris Angel pulls a woman in half

14yr old kid crashes Dads new Ford Mustang car

Classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Top Gear Bloopers and Outtakes

Trains hitting Trucks. Two amazing videos

David Letterman disrupts the Today Show

Monty Python What is the airspeed of the unladen swallow?

Cat has to earn his food, cat not very impressed by it.

Exploding dove hit by baseball

Secret Italian football world cup training video

Amazing video about Autistic basketball player

Video of guy driving through Paris up to 140mph

Truck trailer accident video

Television Videos

Bollywood meets the wild west music video - Muqabala Muqabala

How to get FREE McDonald's hamburgers and food -video

American Football crazy play  - amazing video

ladder salesman crashes

The really really safe folding ladder that wasn't - when salesmen crash,

Classic TV. Jim goes for a taxi license in TAXI

WKRP TV comedy Thanksgiving Turkey promotion

Animals do funny things

Painful wrestling bloopers and accidents Ouch.

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson hates Yugo cars so destroys one with a chieftain tank
Reporter on airfield gets hit in the head by a plane

How's your ego today, find out that animals are better than you.

New sport Urban Sprinting

The famous Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch

People getting a fright - funny video

TV Interviewer unable to be serious interviewing man who was accidentally castrated

Top Gear Bloopers and Outtakes

Things people will do for a free photo - Funny

Top Gear make Britain's first Space Shuttle - using a Reliant Robin car. Magnificent!

Recent Videos posted

The most amazing 'drop off a cliff' downhill mountain biking track ever - video
There is amazing,and then there is just batshit crazy. How can you not look over those edges and not quietly crap yourself?
Amazing video of an entire bridge self destructing - video
I am not sure that bridges are supposed to do that. Its not a good design strategy that when one span fails that it takes down all the other spans. ...
Hal Douglas the Movie Trailer Narrator dies, heres a funny video to remember him by - video
Hal Douglas, a voice-over artist who narrated thousands of movie trailers in a gravelly baritone heard by “audiences everywhere,” as he might have put it, “thrilled by images never before seen ... until now!,” died on Friday at his home in... The c...
Nascar champion pranks victim as a deranged taxi driver - awesome video
What would you do if your taxi driver got into in a high-speed police chase with you in the back seat? ... Last year, American Nascar motor racing champion Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi MAX to put out a prank video, which quickly went viral on You...
Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere chasing a lady for snacks. - video
Amazing video of a heap of tame bunnies after a lady with some snacks.
How to park in Russia- amazing video
Is this deliberate or an out of control car? Whatever the reason the driver crosses two lanes of traffic and stops in a car park directly in front of an SUV that was about to take it. Parking level: Russian! ...
Excellent New Zealand Road Safety Advert - video
How rare to see something that is really innovative. Well worth watching.
NBA basketballers disguised as old guys take on an evening match - great video
Uncle Drew visits an underground jazz club in downtown Chicago to convince his old point guard "Lights" to re-live their glory days on the court. As usual, players and spectators at the basketball court were told only that they would be filmed for a ...
Russians with lowerd cars all get stuck on a small road hump - video
Lowering cars is a stupid mod at the best of times, but these guys lowered theirs so far they can't even get over a small road hump causing traffic jams and chaos. Funny. ...
Aussie blokes in the outback get stuck - and it just keeps getting worse - video
According to the armchair 4X4ers they did everything wrong. Worth watching. ... Comments:
Just discovered Star Wars bloopers - video
36 years ago in a studio far far away ...... ... This newly-discovered blooper reel was uncovered recently by an editor for Lucasfilm's book division while doing archival research for a 'making of' series.
9 year old girl sings opera, never had lessons, learned it from Youtube videos - amazing - video
As the judge said, this kid has an old opera soul. No training, just practiced because her brother was performing and she wanted to do something as well. ...
Lorde - Royals song done by lawyers parody - very good! - video
The Law Revue presents: Life as a law student in NZ yearning to be a successful, cut-throat, wealthy lawyer. The University of Auckland Law Revue has chosen Lorde's Royals for their latest parody, called Lawyers. ... It parodies life as a student law...
Electric Mazda Miata - 60ft in 1.31 seconds pulling 2.5 G's - video
Basically this Mazda Miata is a horizontal electric rocket. ... From the comments ... Our 60ft is a consistent 1.31 sec. when we have traction. 0-60 is about 1.4 seconds. Car weight is 2200lbs. We pull about 2.5 Gee's 1.31 60 ft. W...
Driver tries a hit and run on a pole - pole wins - video
This driver must be on drugs, watch what he or she does when accidentally backing over a pole, after rear-ending the parked car. First, she backed over a pole. At 0:15 she tries to go forward, but the pole is bent back, so it looks like she catches.....
No Woman No Drive- Saudi version of Bob Marley's song about women driving - video funny
Saudi Arabia's ban on female driving has been mocked to the tune of Bob Marley – with one man's No Woman, No Drive video going viral online. ... Hisham Fageeh, an Arab American comedian originally from Saudi Arabia, introduces himself as an artist an...
How windy was it here last weekend? This windy - video
Watch this kickoff of a local rugby game during the high spring winds. Amazing, and a little one sided really.
How Top Gear film the car reviews - video
Check out the enormous camera mounted on the vehicle chasing the McLaren P1 as well as the helicopters. ... Jeremy Clarkson and crew are testing the 900 horsepower, $1.3 million McLaren P1 around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium for the upco...
The worst exit of a carpark ever! video
It’s worth the time it takes to watch. The stupidity of the driver's choices boggle the mind. You are left wondering why?
Australian women - blonde aussie gets thrown off a train after wanting to beat up passengers - video
Just a little ruckus on a train where a woman tries to beat up a bunch of harmless Aussie guys.
Guy wakes up after surgery forgets he's married and sees his wife - touching and funny video
This is the reaction of a patient awaking after surgery and seeing his wife filming him eat a cracker (I don't know why). She is obviously loving the reaction she is getting :-) ... I had a hernia repair to fix residual tears from a previous ...
William Shatner purposefully wasted time and ruined the alternate take to ensure the first interracial kiss on television...
Brilliant. This is the rule that StarTrek broke. #6 Miscegenation (sex relationships between the white and black races). ... Here is the scene
Jihadist's AK47 explodes because of spiked ammunition during firing - video
This video shows a Jihadist showing off his AK47 that explodes owing to some deliberately spiked ammunition. Apparently booby trapped ammunition is common in the Middle East and deliberately designed to explode in the chamber and hopefully inflict......
Car cam of a garage sized boulder barely missing a car during a landslip - Dramatic video
Video from Taiwan of a landslip that nearly crushes a car. It just lucky that the first wave of rocks pushed the car far enough away that the huge boulder didn't crush them. Dramatic. If I was the driver of the lucky car I wouldn't have stopped and.....
Man steals lumber truck - chaos ensues as it catches fire - video
An unemployed truck driver steals a lumber truck as a protest, however during the ensuing chase with the police the lumber catches fire after the wheels get shot out. The flaming truck carries on causing chaos as it goes. Amazing. ... [flash=640x51...
We've been misled by this map for centuries - Westwing Video
So you think you know what the world looks like? Think again, you are a victim of ethnocentric projections. Interesting West Wing extract on map projections and how they affect the world you live in. ...
Heres an idea for a prank, lets blow up a building and have it fall away beneath me -- video
So some Finish guys decide to blow up a building. At the top the lead idiot will be harnessed so that as the building falls away he is left swinging on his safety rope. Unfortunately the roof he was standing on fell before the wall in front of him......
Obsessive compulsive guy recites an intense and moving ‘OCD’ poem about his true love - video
At the recent 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisconsin, Neil Hilborn –a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder– knocks it out of the park with “OCD,” a touching poem about his true love. Worth watching for the human aspect alone. ......
New 2011 Japan Tsunami video
I thought I had seen most of the Tsunami videos, they are collectively awe inspiring and terrifying, however this one is supposedly new and shows the surging water washing away boats, cars, and houses as well as a destructive fire spreading nearby......
Laboratory chimps caged for 30 years are finally released - video
Like prisoners emerging from a lifetime behind bars, a group of chimpanzees step blinking into the sunlight. ... This is the first time they have felt grass under their feet and breathed fresh air for 30 years. A few of the chimps were born in capti...
Man on motorcycle vrs ram in New Zealand - video
Pah! Its only a sheep, what sort of threat is that to a hardened guy on a dirt bike? Apparently quite a lot, funny ...
Its a tractor - but not as you know it - video
The ultimate in hoonery, a tractor with an extremely overpowered engine. Chews up a field without needing a plow.
Rally CoDriver - Sammy listen to me you are breaking the car! - video
Wonderful video on how not to race a rally car, the driver is obviously inexperienced much to the panic and irritation of the co-driver. What\' s more amazing is that they won! \"Samir Thapar and Vivek Ponnuswmay win the IRC class in a EVO X at the....
Lets go to the Pool! - a swimming pool in China - video
Want to cool off and have a relaxing swim, just head on down to your local pool. Except this pool is different, with so many people you could probably walk across it on their heads. Wait for the wide angle zoom in the video to see just how many... ...
North Korean propaganda about the West - that really hits the truth - video
Presented by an anonymous North Korean professor, this anti-Western propaganda film attacks the moral attenuation, political manipulation and hyper-consumerism that characterize the Western world. It’s a video that forces those in the West to truly.....

General Videos

Funny 911 calls - video

Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks George Takei on Stern

Gunfight in store - officer takes out one criminal - video

BMW carjack protection system

Australian on Britain's Got Talent 2008 with balloon act

Amazing Japanese wrestler video - Takuya Sugi  - video

So you want to buy a Katana sword? - Don't get this one - funny video

Plasma arc speakers

plasma arc speakers

Elephant paints self portrait with flower - video

elephant painting

Cat enjoys watching boxing on TV - tries to join in - video

Top Gear guys go gardening - with a shotgun - video

Man trapped in elevator for 41 hours captured on tape by security - video

Guy spins out on oil on the autobahn video

Man kicks opponent in martial arts fight breaks leg  - video

What every dog owner needs - an automated ball throwing machine - video

Six month old baby weighs 20KG - 44lb - video 

Strange lake creatures filmed in Chinese lake

The invisible rope across the road prank

Father Ted and Dougal

 cat wakes you up
Cute animation on how cats wake you up

The really really safe folding ladder that wasn't - when salesmen crash,

Agni Parthene - Orthodox Greek hymn video

Monty Python - Bavarian restaurant - funny video

The mysterious haunted swings in Argentina

Famous Toyota Hilux adverts - videos

Crazy TV advert - 30 seconds Spray and walk away - videos

Videos of giant wave surfing. Awesome.

Crazy Japanese joke video

Guy puts jet engine into VW Beetle video

Video Clips from Monty Python's Holy Grail including the Black Knight and the French

Videos of flying humanoids in Mexico - witches?

Synchronized swimming goldfish. Why not?

Great rally car skid video

F14 aircraft explodes after breaking the sound barrier

Accidents in the Lefotova tunnel Moscow. Amazing video

A dog who really can skateboard, and loves it

Video of people's lucky escapes from accidents

Dramatic video of police car chase

Kid smashes Dad's new car within minutes of getting it home.

Drivers try to beat automatic bollards, fail miserably video

A military convoy carrying Nike rocket boosters for missiles catches fire in a South Korean tunnel

F18 drops a dummy bomb, which flies up and hits a Skyhawk chase plane

Bunny takes on snake, a surprising twist.

Cat climbs into tiny jar. Amazing video

How are we going to test if this body armor works? I know, you just stand over there and hold it over your head and we'll get an Afghani officer to shoot it

Cat gets exercise wheel, cat not impressed.

Japanese actor celebrity gets taken for a joke ride with famous drifting driver in a taxi. Amazing

Amazing police chase.

Autonomous Starfish robot learns to walk

Jonny Fairplay  gets owned
Ruin your career and get owned on TV
- Jonny Fairplay

Mountain bike speed record
Mountain bike speed record - 210kmh - 130.7mph

Death visits the supermarket
When Death visits the supermarket
- practical joke

accupuncture ouch
Ouch! When you know its going to hurt no matter what you do

Dumb blondes
When dumb blonde is not just a stereotype

Sea Launch rocket exploding on the launch pad