Odds and Sods

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Area 51 is up for sale!

Prime real estate for sale at never to be repeated prices

New Zealand Navy's latest aqusition

Cutbacks in funding have reduced out navy to the bare minimum.

Chemtrail pilots get bored

Lions waiting for lunch

I bet the pilot took his time returning!

Don't drink and fly

Halloween advice this year

Arguing on the net is like winning the special olympics

Even when you win your still a retard

Living the High life

A loo for the 21st Century

Old blind people can be more fun

Hubble telescope cleanup

Astronauts clean up space junk in this exclusive pic

America hunts for Bin Laden

The search goes on for the elusive fugitive

Practical jokes on the Bob Squad

Wiliams Brothers

Air accident in Europe

Going to school in style ...

Exclusive shots from out own paparazzi!

Food fight on the set of Matrix2

Advertising for the latest Matrix2

The Deep Thoughts of Colin Powell


A new form of transport

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Some unique animated Gifs...