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Bash the penguin

Bash the penguin game 

Kitten cannon

Viking Kittens

Cricket carnage!

Make your own British Lions Haka

One Slime Volleyball game

Fill the Blobs

How to wash a kitty

How to make an Easter Bunny


Help the Black Knight

Kill The Zombies! and Zombies 2


Beta preview of FBI Identikit

Ice Slide - make the seal slide

Star Blast - destroy the stars

Free the Smilies

Ant Attack - kill the ants before they get your cake

Shoplifter - steal the goods

Hit the red ball,

Set your guns to kill the bugs - very good!

Driller - dig your way to victory

Play Cricket!

Spider web

spider web game

Time traveler

time travel game

Bloxorz - move the block

bloxorz - move the block

Great little mini golf game

Distraction - how long can you play?

Bow fighter - defend your castle with arrows

Small man tries to catch your cursor

BlockBuster a great game

Ufo's Attack!

Curveball Game - Pong with style

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Draw a stick man - fun animation and interaction
Draw a stick man and watch him have an adventure. its really good and creative. takes only 5 minutes of your life.
Create music with this great little game thing
Drag the effects on to the people to get a rhythm going, and add voices. Double clicking on the people removes them. Double click on the bonuses to show ... something ... great fun. Kiss goodbye to 20 minutes :-) ...
Don't click the red Button!!!
Really don\'t start, if you do, you\'ll regret it. I\'m not joking, its a bad scene. Don\'t click the red button, please, for your own good, don\'t click that button. The one below, yeah that one, the red one, DON\'T CLICK IT!!! ... ht...
Get your sheep home safely game
Shaun the Sheep stars in a cute physics game in which you guide the sheep home. You have obstacles to cross, and three sheep of different mass. While you figure out a strategy, enjoy the artwork and sound effects. ...
Yet another kill the Zombies game
This one uses a physics engine so fire the Bazooka to hit the Zombies. Worth spending some time on.
Bob the demolition dude game
Bob is kinda thick, so the best way for him to demolish things is using his head. He is in a slingshot which you click and drag to get distance and velocity to take out the targets. ... Its a fun little game.
Civilization wars - cute online game
Really cute little war game where you build your civilization by destroying the others. Fun ... Here is some background on it... Most...
English as she is best spoke. How good is your pronunciation?
If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world. After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he\'d prefer six months of hard labour to reading six lines......
Gibbs rules from NCIS TV show
NCIS is a lighthearted little show following the usual cop show formula with interesting characters and their interactions being the main focus of the show. The lead character is Gibbs, a hardened officer that all obey. ... Here are his rules as com...
Monkey kickoff game
LOL! I lost the image with the score on it :) Sure wasn\'t as big as your score :)
Mini golf 692KB
Cute little free mini golf game with nice graphics and annoying sound. (version minigolf3.exe)

Elfbowling. 1104KB
Go bowling with Santa with this free download game. Click on a picture to see the full screen.

Scooby Doo 1375KB
Help him make a sandwich. A free simple game of catching the sandwich ingredients      

Desktop cat. 300KB
 Lives on your computer. Cute and free

Frogs. 998KB
Get them to safety.

Sheep, 310KB
That may safely graze on your desktop, not really a free game, more like a free computer ailment  They are addictive!

Stress reducers  1253KB
Get rid of your frustrations. Use the right click to select tools. Free way to relieve stress, I like burning the ants

Gerbil in a microwave 710KB
Set the temp and watch him squirm. From

Superfly  751KB
Don't mess with him! From

Spacehog 1181KBScreen Shot!
Spacehog is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em up free download game for one or two players. The player gets to control a small ship in a battle against horrible odds. Luckily the player can pickup power-ups along the way and upgrade the ship with these.
Happyland 1039KB
Happyland Adventures is a classic jump and run game combined with original adventure elements. Your mission is to save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness.  Explore the big levels, including hidden stages and collect various fruits for bonus point.   Note: Some people have had trouble running this program.
Johnny Castaway 1300KBIn my opinion the greatest of all screensavers. It can reduce your productivity to nil! Because you spend all the time watching this amazing little guy and his varied adventures. Despite its age its a great screensaver. Kids love it.

This may have issues running on Win XP, as it was made for win 95 and win98 (but hey, its free, so try it). Visit this site for help in getting to to run, and try another version from here.
Neko  68KB[Screen Shot]
Neko is a little white cat who runs around on the desktop and chases the mouse cursor. You can customize how Neko appears in many ways, and can even make him run on top of all other windows

Kill the jellyfish 1300KB This is my first attempt at making a downloadable game, so its quite derivative. 

The goal is to move the little fish to kill the jellyfish. Along the way the octopuses try to eat you, you have to hide in the weed to escape them, but then the weedeater fish eat your weed! Horrors! you have to kill them as well. Killing the jellyfish open the way to the next level.

Sometimes I can't get past Level 2 myself ... The green bar on the bottom is health and when you run low you need a recharge, (click on the picture for a bigger version) I made this game using the free program Gamemaker. Click on the link to visit the site and download it.

If you want to see how it is made click on the Gamemaker 6 version and download it, opening it in the Gamemaker 6 program.

There are still aspects I am working on (such as the penguin) in the code that haven't been implemented yet. I am not a game designer, so if you have any hassles use the forum on the site.

Introductory tutorials and examples for making your own games using gamemaker can be found on Gamemaker tutorials