Time for the great OE Mate!

Never get lost overseas again. Just take this handy Ocker map and you can label all the poor blighters in the world


When you go and visit those poor buggers who don't live in OZ then take this handy map with you. This map will help you identify the main people groups.


Remember there are two types of people in the world, those who play sport and those who don't.

Be nice to the ones who do, 'cause we may have to beat them at their national sport one day, but the ones who don't aren't worth worrying about.


Its nice to go and visit people in their native habitats but DON"T BRING ANY BACK WITH YOU,  You can never be sure what diseases that may carry. Leave the natives in their countries. We have plenty here is you want one.


Includes FREE copy of the

Lonely Planet 2002 Guide

to Australia!




Secret release of Microsoft's latest Operating System Windows RG


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Australia moves north in a fit of Pique at being ignored!


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