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When humans used to hibernated in winter

A human survival skill that we seem to have lost is the ability to hibernate throughout the European winter For months on end people would sleep and do little,

37000+ skeletons lie underneath London streets

Information like this remind you show how old and populated London has been for centuries Tens of thousands of skeletons that lie hidden beneath the streets, houses and offices of London have been revealed for the first time on a map,

Ancient marble head of Hadrian found

The Sudarium of Oviedo - The head cloth of Jesus?

Ancient escape tunnel in Jerusalem found

Did the volcanic eruption of Santorini equate with the biblical Exodus

The strange tunnels of Malta and tales about them

Apparently Malta has a massive complex of mostly unexplored tunnels, some with spooky tales to tell

The Guinness Book of records in the ancient world

As our civilization slides into decadence we see ahead of us the sort of things that entertained the Romans I give it about 20 years till our society starts compiling some of these 'greats'

The crash of the airship Hindenburg

One of the most gripping commentaries of all time, the crash of the Hindenburg was so damaging that it decimated public trust in the possibility of a "Zeppelin Era" - a world where travel was dominated by flying air balloons

Priestess with a golden eye found

The 5000 year old skeleton of a 6 foot priestess with a false golden eye found in Iran Now she would have had an imposing presence The body of a strikingly tall 5,000-year-old woman with an artificial golden eye has been discovered in Iran

Eyewitness testimony of the Hiroshima bomb

These "Voice of Hibakusha" are eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima Very sobering and terrible accounts of the actual event of Hiroshima nuclear bombing

Ancient human footprints found in Welsh peat bed.

Not only did they find 8000 year old footprints but the British channel was originally a huge valley covered in forest A BEACHCOMBER claims he has found ancient human footprints dating back 8,000 years, embedded in an ancient Welsh peat bed

Archaeologists find Roman emperors treasure

Archaeologists in Rome have discovered the lost treasure of the last pre-Christian Roman emperor, Maxentius Imperial standards, lances and glass spheres were found buried

New ancient gladiator marble relief's found

Italian police have recovered ancient Roman marble relief's depicting stunningly lifelike gladiators locked in mortal combat after unearthing the hidden cache of grave robbers.

The terrified mummy

The remarkable mummy was found in a hidden burial vault in the Amazon It is at least 600 years old and has survived thanks to the embalming skills of her tribe, the Chachapoyas or cloud warriors

Ancient warrior found in Russian permafrost

The ancient frozen body was found in the Italian Alps

Clapham North Deep Level Shelter

A rare look at the deep level bomb shelters built during WW2 All eight Deep Level shelters built during 1941-1942 under existing London Underground stations

Pilot shot down and escapes in Vietnam

Really good article about a pilot who was shot down in Vietnam and taken prisoner, and then escapes

Pyramids partially build with concrete

Seems that the upper blocks of the pyramids were made on site using a form of limestone concrete. Helps to explain how such massive blocks were quarried and moved .The Ancient Egyptians built their great Pyramids by pouring concrete into blocks high on the site.

Video of the German Army in WW2

Great historic video footage, including Hitler

Stalin wanted to breed half man half ape soldiers

Life gets more like the movies every day In the mid 1920s, Josef Stalin noticed that communist Russia was missing something Respect for individual human lives No! An army of half-man-half-ape super-warriors You betcha This may have been the first attempt to breed Orcs

Duckbilled dinosaur fossil with skin found

The more they dig, the more they find But finding soft tissue in a 67 million year old bone seems to stagger belief can they really be that old and still have soft tissue In the past, what we've learned about dinosaurs has been mostly based on bones That might soon change with the recent d



Animated 5000 year old history of the Middle East

Fascinating shockwave presentation of the last 5000 years of civilization in the Middle East

The London Blitz - the mistake that cost Germany the war?

A fascinating article on the bad decisions the Germans made in focusing on the attack of London during WW2

Stonehenge was originally built as a cemetery

At least part of the mystery of Stonehenge may have now been solved:

Famous ancient theatres around the world

Here are some famous ancient Greek and Roman theatres that still remain I have visited a few and am amazed at the construction of such immense works

In 1951 the CIA dug a tunnel under Berlin to tap Soviet cables - amazing planning T

he tunnel was 1,476 feet in length and consumed 125 tons of steel liner plate and 1,000 cubic yards of grout This was not a small operation!

128 year old British Martini-Henry rifles found in Afghanistan

 British soldiers serving in Afghanistan have recovered weapons looted from the bodies of their Victorian forebears

The tomb of Herod the Great has been found in Israel

Claw marks from ancient giant bear found in cave

The bear that left a 3-foot-long claw mark in an Ice Age clay bank was the largest bear species ever to walk the earth, about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and capable of moving its 1,800 pounds up to 45 miles per hour in a snarling dash for prey


The absence of Black Americans in WW2 movies

With the release of a war movie about Iwo Jima, by Clint Eastwood come the revelation that the roles of Black American soldiers were removed from the historical record Seems heroes could only be white in the 1940's

Ancient pagan graveyard found under the Vatican

Sounds like a DaVinchi Code book. Fascinating. Just inside the Vatican's fortified walls, directly below the street connecting its private pharmacy and its members-only supermarket, lies a 2,000-year-old graveyard littered with bizarre, often disturbing displays of pagan worship

WW1 pictures in colour

Awesome I always thought WW1 was fought in black and white : I wonder how much history was lost during that war, old buildings destroyed, art destroyed, communities reduced to nothing etc It must have changed totally that part of Europe


Ancient Roman mosaic found under football field

When teachers at St Laurence's School in Bradford-on-Avon, southern England, noticed how the school's football field became scored with yellow lines of dried grass during the summer, little did they know that an extraordinary archaeological site lay just a foot below

Russian T34 tank pulled from lake, after 56 years. Still runs.

14 September 2000, a Komatsu D375A-2 pulled an abandoned tank from its archival tomb under the bottom of a lake near Johvi, Estonia The Soviet-built T34/76A tank had been resting at the bottom of the lake for 56 years


Russian war photos from WW2

Photo's from Russia of World War 2 The "Great War" Or in the west, it could be called the "Forgotten war" Suffering and horror almost unknown by the Allies


Celtic mummies in China a long way from home

Fascinating article includes Nordic mummies as well . Solid as a warrior of the Caledonii tribe, the man's hair is reddish brown flecked with grey, framing high cheekbones, a long nose, full lips and a ginger beard


The strange stone spheres of Costa Rica

Was God playing marbles? In the 1930s, workers from the United Fruit Company, were clearing land in the Diquis Valley and began unearthing large numbers of almost perfectly round stone spheres The largest of these apparently man-made balls was over two meters in diameter and weighed over 16 tons

Is an Egyptian pharaohs daughter the mother of all Scots

An ancient story about the origin of the Scots is given credence by some new research . Actually there are alternative histories written by the Celts and other people of the time that show a strong Greek and Mediterranean influence on the original inhabitants of the British Isles

Pyramid found in Ukraine older than Egypt

Archaeologists in Ukraine have unearthed the remains of an ancient pyramidal structure that pre-dates those in Egypt by at least 300 years

2000 year old underground iron age chamber discovered

An underground chamber undisturbed since the Iron Age was revealed on North Uist when a 10ft hole opened beneath the wheel of a tractor Archaeologists assessed the find at Port nan Long at the north of the island, which has been sealed off from the public


Hot summer reveals Scotland's past

A heat wave has revealed fleeting traces of early settlements to historians taking a bird's eye view of Scotland The conditions this summer have proved ideal for aerial archaeologists who document the buried sites, which appear in ripening crops

Has Noah's Ark been found in Northern Iran?

An interesting article here on Noah's ark not being on the traditional Mt Ararat, but in the north of Iran, on a mountain range there The reasoning is pretty sound and backs up the biblical story well

Ancient Chariots Found in Bulgaria

Bulgarian police have discovered three ancient chariots and two ornaments tossed in an abandoned vine-field

Peaceful primitive people were a myth

Our society tends to portray pre western primitive people as mostly peace loving It serves as a kind of comparison that we now are more warlike, and that in the past people were more "attuned to nature" but this interesting book shows that the opposite is true

Circle the wagons!

This saying came from an amazing battle where 32 soldiers and workers held off over 1000 Indians The victory was also aided by the new breach loading rifles they used

Plane hits Empire State building - really!

The Plane That Crashed Into the Empire State Building. On the foggy morning of Saturday, July 28, 1945, Lt Colonel William Smith was piloting a US Army B-25 bomber through New York City

The history of the Kings of Britain - pre Romans

Way back in the 11C Geoffrey of Monmouth compiled together the existing Welsh legends and manuscripts about the History of the land of Britian before the Romans, here is a translation of his fascinating book

Blackbeards ship found me hearties

The pirate Blackbeard's flagship may finally be yielding its identity after nearly 300 years on the ocean floor

The Templars discovered America!! DaVinchi code eat your heart out.

Researchers have found new evidence of a secret code concealed on the Kensington Runestone, one of the most controversial pieces of Minnesota history

Archaeologists Unearth Britain's Own Miniature Coliseum

Archaeologists have discovered evidence of Britain's own miniature Coliseum, it was revealed today The two-tier stone built structure, in Chester.

WW2 Doolittle Raiders Share Stories

There has been a recent movie that ended with this scene of the Doolittle raiders taking off to bomb Tokyo, on what they all knew was a suicide mission Well some survived, hero's indeed

Stalin's secret files on Hitler

The secret personal files of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin on the private life of his greatest enemy, the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, have been unearthed in a Moscow archive

Archaeologist discovers ancient ships in Egypt

Kathryn Bard had the best Christmas ever this past December when she discovered the well-preserved timbers and riggings of pharaonic seafaring ships inside a cave.

Underground city in Iran?

Iranian Three-Story Underground City Served As Haven .

Guy finds ancient Roman villa on Google maps

While searching around his hometown in Google Earth, Luca Mori stumbled on what looked like the meanders of an ancient river On the satellite image, it looks like “prominent, oval, shaded form more than 500 metres long“ However, his eye caught what he described as “rectangular shadows“

Hiroshima, why they had to drop the bomb

60 years on from Hiroshima it seems very PC to criticize the dropping of the bomb, but released transcripts of the messages between the Japanese leaders shows that they would have "unleashed hell" had America tried to invade Japan

Graffiti from Pompeii some things never change

Some things never change, yet the style is more informative and poetic than just the random abuse now

Have they found King David's palace?

In what might be a profound discovery, an Israeli archaeologist has found the site of a great complex of buildings which may be the house of King David from the bible Not surprisingly she just followed the descriptions of its site from the bible, and there it was