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Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English

This great resource is well worth reading. Great comments

When programming students are introduced to OOP - funny image

I love this image :-)

I have excaped! You are all doomed! - video

Bird laughs like a super villain :-)

How to create garden anarchy - funny video

Take a leaf blower and a small garden Chimney (used I think for making pizza) and pollute the entire neighborhood! ... Then Mom came a long and spoiled the fun.

This is great - see the new websites and products that are released on the net

This site has new websites, apps and programs that are coming on the net. Great for ideas and to see what the future might hold.

Is this the greatest Home Renovation ever? - funny video

Is this the toughest renovation to ever hit our screens?New Zealand couple Marwyn and Jess have purchased Australia, which is turning out to be a real fixer-upper! Can they pull it off? ...

Watch Sophie the dog sense an earthquake 4 seconds before it happens. video

Amazing. she feels the vibrations and then takes off. Sophie is seen 15 seconds prior to the start of the earthquake, looking sharply at the floor and dismissing it. ... About 15 seconds later she again looks sharply at the floor and bolts to the ot...

Yo Yo Yo! Public School Boy rap video funny.

In the run up to the general election, new party candidate, X.P.B. (X Public school Boy), is on the campaign trail. He’s been spreading his campaign motto, “A vote for me is a vote for my chums” around the constituencies and is getting ready to tell....

Suicide bombers car blown high into the air then explodes like a firework - amazing - video

This remarkable video is like a scene from an action movie. Firstly an armored car driven by a suicide bomber is blown high in their air by a huge explosion. Then the car explodes as the explosives inside of it ignite. ...

Americans wanting to emigrate to New Zealand because of a Clinton or Bush presidency will be in for a shock.... image

Apparently Americans are wanting to flee to New Zealand from the fear of the upcoming election. Unfortunately they will be in for a shock if they do .... ... As a poster on Reddit noted Welcome strangers! On the left, you will see our part...

Because ... Australia - image

Vegemite Chocolate, now that's going to be a hit....

Dr Hooks song "Sylvia's Mother" was based on a true story, here it is - video

The tearjerker song "Sylvia's Mother" of a young guy trying to connect to his ex girlfriend, was actually based on a true event and is recounted in this video. ...

Caravan Palace - Rock it For me - Swing

Great music, and great dancing. The mic change over was perfectly timed. Love it!

Dave Mathews band- "Cortez The Killer" with Warren Haynes

Magnificent, those guitars are magic! Wonderful playing. Well worth turning the phones up and listening.

An epidemic of myopia is affecting up to 90% of youth in Asia - now they know why ...

East Asia has been gripped by an unprecedented rise in myopia, also known as short-sightedness. Sixty years ago, 10–20% of the Chinese population was short-sighted. Today, up to 90% of teenagers and young adults are. In Seoul, a whopping 96.5% of 19....

An Awkward blind date - St Patrick goes out with Medusa

Just in time for St Patrick Day :-)

Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook in an interview - funny video

Its amazing what they got up to at Apple, no USB ports and then charge $75 for a dongle! I am looking forward to hearing about the IWatch. ...

Australians invent a new sport - Stadium Supertrucks! - video

So take some 4WD utes, with huge tires race them around a track and make them jump ramps. Its awesome! ...

Gillian Welch - The Way It Goes - music video

Reminds me of early Neil Young, its great. ... Becky Johnson bought the farm Put...

The future of Drone warfare - Drone with a machinegun - video

So this is definitely the future of drone warfare, attach a machine gun with 100 rounds to a drone and attack from the air. Amazing. ...

Engineers in the corporate world - reality meets perception - funny video

So take any IT consultant and they will identify with this great video of a meeting where the Expert has to draw 7 perpendicular red lines with different colored pens. I think he should have just used the transparent pen for them all. Problem... ...

All About That [Upright] Bass - Jazz Meghan Trainor Cover ft. Kate Davis - Postmodern Jukebox

Nice Base, great voice

The Equation Group - The most advanced cyber attackers the world has seen - Guess who they are

For several years, Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) has been closely monitoring more than 60 advanced threat actors responsible for cyber-attacks worldwide. ... The team has seen nearly everything, with attacks becoming incr...

Landrover buys an old Landrover, fixes it up and returns it to the last owners - video

Four university friends from New Zealand had listed their beaten and broken 1957 Series I Land Rover, christened ‘The Landy’, for sale on an auction site, following 15 years of ownership. The listing told the story of their many adventures and their....

Its a conspiracy! New Zealand doesn't exist on maps - image

When New Zealanders travel overseas they have to copy with a seemingly unique problem, their country just doesn't seem to exist on any maps. Imagine trying to show others where you come from when all you have is either empty ocean, or a blob to... ...

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Cat? What cat? - image

All humans can see ultraviolet, however the lens of the eye filters it out - people without a lens see the wavelength

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A real bastard - image

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